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  • Ultra-fast polarity switching ion mobility spectrometer
    It is well known that depending on their gas phase energetic properties, different substances may form positive ions, negative ions or even ions of both polarities in some cases. Thus, non-targeted measurements or measurements aiming to monitor a variety of substances require analyzing ions of both polarities, e.g. in GC-IMS applications. In this project, an ion mobility spectrometer which is able to perform a polarity switch in less than 10 ms has been developed. This allows switching the measurement polarity after every spectrum, thus enabling real-time monitoring of ions of both polarities with a single drift tube and obviating the need for expensive twin drift tubes.
    Jahr: 2016
    screenshot of a dual-polarity ion mobility spectrum screenshot of a dual-polarity ion mobility spectrum © GEM
  • New ionization sources and fast gas chromatography coupled to a mobile mass spectrometer for hazardous substance detection (GC-Plasma-TOF)
    Aim of this research project is a mobile system for fast detection of hazardous substances for first responder applications. For this purpose, a mobile mass spectrometer will be coupled to a fast gas chromatograph for fast analysis of complex samples. Furthermore, four different ionization methods will be employed to improve both substance identification and limits of detection. Our focus is the development of a new plasma source.
    Jahr: 2019
    Förderung: Supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), Grant 13N14888