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  • ReCoWind (Reliable power Converters for Wind turbines) - Measurement and Modeling of Moisture Migration on Component and System Level
    In the framework of the ReCoWind project the failure causes of wind turbine’s power converters are investigated as well as appropriate countermeasures are worked out. Therefore, a combined top-down and bottom-up approach is applied in order to evaluate field studies of wind turbines’ failures and breakdowns, to carry out additional investigations and to work out the failure principles on the component and system level. The evaluation of a possible degradation processes due of corrosive or harmful gases respectively is one research topic of this subproject. The main focus is on the moisture migration to the power modules of the frequency converter, which is assumed to be most significant failure cause. Furthermore, an understanding for the temperature and moisture distribution in the power module (component level) and the power converter’s cabinet (system level) will be worked out. Hereby, the modelling of moisture migration and transport is necessary, as well as the development of measurement technology and sensors for moisture and temperature with a high spatial resolution. Based on the findings of power converters’ failure causes, appropriate countermeasures will be worked out, which could increase the reliability of wind turbine’s power converters.
    Jahr: 2018
    Förderung: This Project is supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK), Grant 0324336E