Resear Projects of the Department of Electromagnetic Compatibility

  • ETOPIA - European Training network Of PhD researchers on Innovative EMI analysis and power Applications
    The main goal is to create a network to train 12 highly skilled engineers through an integrated doctoral training program based on research of conducted electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) that underpins all future technological developments. Designed into the project are specific innovations with methodologies to optimize the design of power distribution networks inside buildings and industrial plants and transport networks with respect to compatibility (no-interference) and efficiency in the distribution network as well as in the connected electronic systems. Research Topic 1: Reproducible in-situ magnetic field measurements of transient magnetic field for power electronic application. The objective is to develop a measurement and calibration procedure to validate transient electromagnetic field probes, used for EMC compliance in large wind parks and to identify expected transient waveforms in modern power facilities. The ESR is expected to develop measurement guidelines in large facilities and identify open questions for transient field measurements applied to the energy sector. Research Topic 2: Determine transient radiated field from power lines by measuring the transient CM current. The objective is to find an efficient method to determine the transient radiated electromagnetic field from CM current in the power line. The ESR is expected to be able to provide analytical description of the expected transient fields from measured CM currents and understand the work of transient measurement technology.
    Year: 2019
  • PETER- Pan- European Training, research and education network on Electromagnetic Risk Management
    The main goal is to train 15 early-stage researchers (ESRs) in topics related to the development of high-technology systems that maintain reliability and safety over the full life cycle of the systems, despite these systems being subjected to severe and complex EMI threats. Research Topic: Statistical Electromagnetic Risk Analysis of Large and Complex Systems, Development of Theoretical Description of Risk Assessment Methodologies. The objective is to develop statistical EMI-aware risk-assessment methodologies that combine both technical and non-technical aspects. The ESR is expected to provide the theoretical background for an EMI-aware risk assessment of large interconnected systems.
    Year: 2019